Vivian Taylor [1080p]

Teens today, they make no effort. When my curvy stepdaughter Vivian Taylor comes in asking me for some shopping money, I (Peter Green) tell her to go away. Zero motivation! What she could’ve done is come in dressed in sexy black lingerie. Then she could’ve sucked & kissed my penis slowly while she felt it get hard in her mouth. She could’ve pulled her panties over & slid her wet pussy down my cock, greasing it up with her juices. She could’ve let me clap her fat cheeks from behind as I spread her pretty asshole. She could’ve had multiple-orgasms on my cock as I thrust into her inexperienced pussy. Her tits could’ve jiggled wildly as I slammed her hairy hole until I could’ve pulled out and cum all over her. What does she do instead?? Walk in on me jerking to all those coulda, shoulda, wouldas! Oy vey…

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