The Skater Boi

Lola Fae doesn’t always see herself the same way that everyone else does. To her, gender is fluid, and that’s exactly how she likes to explore her gender and sexuality. One day, she goes to a skate park and sees Lucky Fae on a skateboard. She’s immediately attracted to him, unable to keep her eyes off him. When he takes his leave from the park, posting an ad offering men’s skateboard lessons, Lola’s heart races. Not to be deterred, she grabs a number and rushes home to give him a call. Since she really wants to see Lucky again AND legit get skateboard lessons, she calls Lucky, disguising her voice and giving him a male name, Jack. After a brief back and forth, Lucky agrees to give lessons and will be over shortly. Once Lola hangs up, she changes her style and appearance to match the gender she’s feeling in that moment. As she binds her breasts and slips into less traditionally feminine clothes, she looks in the mirror and declares that she can be anything she wants to be, and today they are a boy named Jack. When Lucky shows up to teach Jack how to skate, Jack’s head is in the clouds. As they practice, the sexual tension between them builds, although it’s derailed when Jack takes a tumble. As they take a breather, Lucky finally thoughtfully smiles and outright asks why they’re dressed as a boy. Lola falters as they explain that Lucky advertised MEN’s skateboard lessons. Lola figured that Lucky would only give lessons if Lola was a boy. As a genderfluid individual, sometimes Lola feels like a girl, sometimes like a boy, and sometimes like neither! But they thought the only way they’d be able to get close to Lucky was to be a boy… But to Lola’s delight, Lucky’s still very much into them, happily accepting them as they are. As they move inside, things soon turn hot and steamy as they fall into bed together. As Lola is stripped, proudly showing off their breasts and pussy, it leads to a sensual encounter that they’ll never forget!

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