Savannah Siren – Waitress Gets Huge Tip on The Bus

This week, we rolled up on yet another money hungry chick in the streets of Miami. This one was getting off of her shift as a waitress. Where she works all day for almost no money. She was a little hesitant to even talk to us at first, but everything changes when we start flashing the stacks. Eventually, we got her to flash us for 500 bucks. From there it was a piece of cake to convince her to hop on with the promise of more dough. Inside the bus, we got her to do anything we pretty much wanted. She was sucking dick within five minutes of getting on. We got her so turned on that soon, she was begging to get fucked. Our boy Tony Rubino was the one in charged of giving this chick a proper fucking. After fun was had by all, it was time to drop her off in the middle of nowhere. Good luck with your waitressing job!!!

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