Samantha Reigns, Spencer Bradley (The Plumber’s Apprentice [1080p]

A plumber, Hazel Paige, arrives outside a client's home along with her apprentice, Spencer Bradley. Hazel warns that this particular client's family has a bratty 18-year-old, Samantha Reigns, and instructs Spencer to keep Samantha at bay so Hazel can get her work done in peace. Spencer promises to remain professional, but when Samantha opens the front door to let the plumbing duo inside, Spencer is awestruck by her beauty.Samantha leads them into the kitchen, where Hazel begins fixing a leak under the sink. While Hazel is busy working, Samantha starts making lewd gestures and suggestive comments to Spencer, who tries to resist temptation and stick to her job by handing Hazel tools when she asks for them. However, Samantha turns up the heat by flashing her breasts and then masturbating for Spencer, who becomes so enticed that she finally gives in. As Hazel works, Spencer touches Samantha's breasts, and then Samantha eagerly eats out Spencer's pussy.Eventually, Spencer ends up so distracted that she hands Hazel the wrong tool. Oops! Hazel comes out from under the sink to see what's going on, and catches the naughty duo in the act. Hazel is furious and tries to fire Spencer, but Samantha fires HER instead. After Hazel leaves in a huff, Spencer and Samantha go back to having fun, touching and tasting each other in various positions. This is not how Spencer expected her apprenticeship to work out, but with pleasure THIS good, she's certainly not complaining!

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