Nina Diaz – A Filthy Pounding

It’s a “double debut” update, as we have juicy 🧃 19-year-old newbie Nina Diaz and 🏆 award-winning industry vet Filthy Rich both making their 1st appearances here at Hussie🎟️Pass. The scene starts with the interview portion of the program 🎤👩🏽 🦱 where our director Johnny 🎥🎬 Robbins finds out that Nina loves “getting pounded” and that we all owe her dad a big “thank you”, among other things. As Nina’s starting to strip and show off her curvy goodness 🤤 Rich makes his way into the scene and applies a generous amount of lube 🧴💧 to her teen tits and bootyliscious backside. Nina twerks a bit and then literally gets her juices flowing by dildo fucking herself. Nina gives Rich’s stiff prick a sloppy gagjob and footjob before hopping on top so we can watch her bounce her ass as she rides him cowgirl 🤠 Rich then doggystyle fucks Nina cross-eyed 🤪 until she gets back on top of him for some amazon fucking. Rich follows this up by deep-dicking her in the missionary position and we get to see that Nina is quite flexible 🤸🏽 ♀️ as her ankles go WAY behind her ears 😲 Rich pulls out and gives Nina a nice facial that hopefully didn’t give her pink-eye ✊🍆💦😜 As usual, we catch up with our two new friends in the 🚿 shower after to see how things went…and to watch Nina jiggle her soapy butt 🧼🍑 Until next time: 😷 STAY SAFE!

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