Leda Lotharia

Welcome 19-Year-Old Leda to BlowBang Girls. I must thank Rebel and Naudi Nala for giving Leda my information. When I found her email, I was like “hell yes” I must shoot this woman and we got it scheduled ASAP! This young woman is fantastic and has it all going on. She is sexy, smart, prompt, great curves and best of all … she loves sucking cock! When we sent a picture of this beauty out to the BlowBang Guys for this shoot it took like 2 minutes for the guys to confirm. They jumped on it and could not wait to get their hands on her and feel her mouth on their cocks. And talk about skill, this woman has it. She deep throats, gives handjobs, kisses cock, makes eye contact, gets her pussy fingered and genuinely loves what she is doing. Her love of porn shows in this video as she really handles the blowbang guys. She gets a cum covered face and even got blasted in the eye and she never stopped to wipe off once. What a way to ring in 2021 having Leda at BlowBang Girls. You do not want to miss this shoot as Leda gets 7 facials and takes all the cum! Slow-motion cumshot replays included.

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