Kylie Rocket, Coco Lovelock (Roleplay With Me Missed A Spot! [1080p]

Kylie Rocket, a housecleaner, arrives at Coco Lovelock's luxurious house. Coco is a rich married woman and Kylie has been tasked to clean her house. But as Kylie starts cleaning, it becomes clear that she's NOT very good at it.As Kylie continues cleaning, she starts trying to subtly seduce Coco. Coco tries to ignore Kylie at first but is both scandalized and aroused by such boldness. As Kylie begins making even more moves on Coco, Coco breaks character, revealing that they're actually teen girlfriends doing a roleplay together to spice things up. But they soon get back into the fantasy as Kylie continues seducing Coco, who eventually gives into temptation. NOW it's time for the real deal!

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