Kira Perez – Stepdaughter Fits It All In

Richard Mann is considered his stepdaughter’s grades are slipping. Kira Perez is ready to go to the beach. He confronts her about the academic performance. Kira blows off the situation. She’s curious about the last time he had sex. Richard is flustered. She goes in and grabs his cock. She is impressed by the size of his monster cock. She tells her stepfather she’ll study if she can fit his giant cock inside her tight pussy. He agrees. She immediately starts sucking her big black cock. She can’t fit it all in her mouth. Richard makes it all fit. They soon move to the bedroom to fuck. They fuck good. She eases in that big dick inside of her. She rides it like a champion. She is taking all of his manhood in her. He cums all over her face.

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