Isabella Nice, Jaye Summers

Jezabel Vessir is sitting in a coffee shop when Bunny Colby walks in. When Jezabel gets a look at Bunny, she can’t take her eyes off of her, clearly instantly attracted to her and flustered by Bunny’s beauty.Jezabel overhears as Bunny speaks to a barista, learning that Bunny is a counselor. Hearing this, Jezabel seems to get an idea, briefly looking away from Bunny. When Jezabel averts her gaze from Bunny, Bunny looks over at Jezabel, subtly checking her out – but Jezabel fails to notice.Jezabel summons up her courage and makes an excuse to talk to Bunny, claiming she needs counseling. But when Jezabel finds out that Bunny is a MARRIAGE counselor, Jezabel has to pretend to be married to secure the appointment.Days later, Jezabel is at her first appointment with Bunny. As they talk, Jezabel tries to keep up the ruse that she’s married, but she’s not very convincing and Bunny eventually sees through Jezabel’s deception. Jezabel admits that she lied about being married.Bunny reveals that she was attracted to Jezabel in the coffee shop too, and would have asked her out if Jezabel hadn’t approached her pretending to be a prospective patient. They come together for a steamy kiss.

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