Harmony Rivers, LuLu Chu

Lulu Chu, a new cheerleader, is busy tutoring Harmony Rivers, captain of their cheerleading squad. Harmony is so thankful for the help since she is REALLY struggling with math and can use all the help she can get! But in exchange for this boost, she agrees to help Lulu with a confidence problem they’re having.As the newest cheerleader, Lulu is intimidated by the girls, who are so talented and athletic! Lulu isn’t sure that they have the body and confidence it takes to really excel on the team. However, Harmony is positive Lulu has it in them to succeed and wants to show them how! And the first step is helping Lulu learn about empowering body language and stances.Harmony inspects Lulu’s posture, instructing them to put their shoulders back while touching their shoulders to guide them. This seemingly innocent physical contact causes an unexpected charge that crackles between them. The more Harmony guides Lulu, helping them bend their body in different ways, the more the sexual tension builds. Finally, the tension boils over as they come together for a kiss, which leads to a steamy encounter. It’s time to make Lulu’s confidence skyrocket!

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