Ellie Eilish Sharing a Hotel Room with My Step-Daughte r

It’s been a long day on the road driving with my step-daughter Ellie and we have to share a one bed hotel room. Ellie’s such a sweet quiet girl. Sometimes I catch her staring at me and I wonder if I did something wrong. She’s looking at me like that when we get into the room, She changes into just a short top and panties and I am straining not to look at her. After she falls resting I can’t resist touching her young soft skin and looking at her tight body. She roll over and her leg goes over mine, then, her hand caresses the outside of her panties where I can see the perfect outline of her little pussy. The next time I look she has her eyes open with a slight smile and she starts lightly stroking my shoulder my mouth is dry and I am frozen, it progresses, so slowly but the look in her eyes tells me she has wanted this for a LONG TIME.

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