Braylin Bailey & Tyler Steel

Braylin Bailey is my younger stepsister, a cute little blonde thing. She is over helping with some chores while my wife is out. Sweet girl, she is doing our laundry for us. Her ass looks so incredi… ugh, stop it! I’ve got to get her out of here before I do something I’ll regret.. I (Tyler Steel) tell her I’ll finish up & she is good to go home and she starts questioning me. She figures out that I think she’s hot and admits she’s into me too. This is so wrong! She gets on her knees and tries to take it out, but I can’t do it. So she takes her top off revealing those perky little teen tits. Fuck it… I start kissing & fingering her right there on the washing machine. She is super wet when I jam my big cock inside her tight hole. She moves her hips like a pro the way she dances on my dick with her teen pussy. She cums really hard. I bring her into the living room and take her from behind, making her orgasm again. She sucks all her juice off my fat cock. I fuck her hard one more time before nutting in my stepsister’s hungry mouth. My wife can never find out!

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