Bonne Shine – Young & Voluptuous

When Bonne Shine debuted at SCORELAND, a member commented, “Bonne is adorable and astonishingly beautiful. I hope she will answer my prayers for many more videos and pictures for many years to come! I could spend the rest of the day watching her first video and be one of the happiest people in the world. Whatever it costs to see more of Bonne, just let me know, I am happy to pay.”Fans of Bonne will be happy to see that she’s back in a new video. Because of border shutdowns, Bonne has not been able to get to one of our satellite studios. In the meantime, at-home Bonne is preferable to no Bonne.”Among my peers in school, I was the girl with the biggest breasts,” Bonne said. “My breasts were at least two sizes larger than any other girl. I almost always wear a bra. It’s just more comfortable for me, Buying a bra is a big problem for me. I always need a fitting because the bra might not fit well. It’s very rare to buy something stylish because my size is often out of stock.”With her…

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