Angeline – 19 Years Old

The lovely Angeline is back! You might remember her from the threesome she shot with us a couple months ago. Cam liked “the short haired girl” so much that he requested she come back. In order to convince her to return, we told her the footage from her threesome video was lost. She was reluctant to come back, but we made it happen . In the scene, Angeline is just as bubbly and eager to please as before. This girl doesn’t balk at anything we throw at her and even suggests an all anal shoot (!!!), which we were more than happy to oblige. Next, she takes an epic ass pounding, shows plenty of gapes and receives multiple ATMs. After playing in her butthole for several positions, Cam drops a fat load in her pussy, then makes her lick up his cum off the desk. Finally, we send her on her merry way… for the second time… with no pay…

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