Amber Moore & Lena Ashworth 3way

Today is the day! Yes it happened and we are all so fucking glad it did. Sweet as a button Amber Moore and inexperienced cutie Lena Ashworth, both High School Seniors are back and as MC Hammer world say,… It’s 3SOME time!!! Ok so things start off innocently enough with Amber in the car when we picked her up from the airport for some hot car sex because her first experience in the car was only a BJ. Why only a BJ? Well, just because that’s what fucking happened. But trust me. Jake fucks her silly on the ride home today and it’s hot. So once back at the condo, these two shy naive newbies get their first look at whose pussies they’re going to be parting with their tongues and boy oh boy are these girls shy. But Steve are they into each other? Fuck yes they are and Lena who’s an admitted Lesbian and only like’s dick if it’s good, gets gitty as a school girl when Amber walks in. Well she is a schoolgirl but you get the picture. They’re both adorable and we can’t wait for the action to start. So how inexperienced is Lena you ask? Well she’s only been with three dicks before and how good could they have been? You’ll notice I’m referring to them as “DICKS” and not boys or men because I’d bet all three were high school idiots who couldn’t find a clitoris to save their lives.

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