This week we’ve got YET ANOTHER fast food worker… fast food and porno just go together like peas and carrots I guess. There must be something about taking burger orders that makes a person great at taking dicks or something like that. Either way 19 year old Alisha is tired of playing double A ball and she’s ready for a shot at the big time. So Rick called her up to the majors and I’m gonna throw her a couple fast balls. Sick of the baseball analogies yet? She really is a hoot this one, just so full of energy. I really dig just how confident she is. It’s not going to save her butthole, but I really do dig it. As soon as she enters the office, hilarity ensues. She probably should have worn a dress that fit her a little better as she’s just inadvertently showing everyone her pussy. Funny funny. Anyway she’s a little firecracker and I want to know how her cock holsters felt. So Rick gets her naked and I get my dick in her mouth. She does a great job sucking and voluntarily choking on my cock. I put her through the steps by fucking her all over the desk and couch. Then comes the time to test that asshole, and she proved to be a trooper. A little shrieky, but a trooper nonetheless. She happily sucks my cock straight from her ass, and gapes like a pro. The real MVP here is that sweet sweet butthole, and the giant load it takes. I’m not sure if I’ve ever cum so hard in my life. Jesus titty-fuckin’ Christ I filled that sweet ass up with my love butter. Finally, we put her back on the couch a little worse for wear, and break the news that she’s not getting any paycheck today which leaves her visibly miffed. Laugh out loud, back to the minor leagues for you honey.

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