Alice Merchesi

****THIS SCENE INCORPORATES A SCENARIO THAT MAY BE TRIGGERING OR OFFENSIVE TO SOME VIEWERS. IF SUCH CONTENT DISTURBS YOU, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH******Alice totally gets why her Mom and dad are always preaching about how important school is and she gets it. Good grades in high school will get you into college, college will get u a good job, good job means you can live nice.And since Alice is a good girl, shes been listening to her parents. Shes been studying hard all year. But sometimes…sometimes you just need a break.Thats why today…instead of going to school…Alice decided to play a lil hooky. She knows that both her mom and dad are at work and won’t be home for hours.So instead of another boring day in the classroom, Alice is going to have a fun day filled with snacks and movies. No teachers, no annoying boys…just her….all alone….Or so she thought. You see…Alices neighborhood is normally realy safe…but not today. Because theres someone on the loose. Someone who’s been watching her house and waiting to rob it. He knows that during this time…nobody should be home.But Alice is. Now shes about to learn a lesson. A big one. A painful one. Because the man robbing her house needs two things: money….and young… tight white pussy…

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