18 Years Old

18 year old Madison has quite the story. Well it’s probably safe to say what’s interesting is actually her initial LACK of a story. You see sweet Madison is actually a virgin. Yes, you read that correctly, a VIRGIN!! This young lady has never seen an erect penis in real life and here she is sitting on our couch wanting to get involved in the adult industry. Now when it comes to special cases like this, I had to talk to her quite a bit before we got her here. Turns out her parents know that #1 she’s a virgin, and #2 she wants to fuck on camera for money. WILD, am I right? So we’re gonna do our best to make this deflowering as gentle as possible for Madison. Cam does a great job showing her the ropes (quite literally in the end). When we get her clothes off her pussy is already SOAKED, just from talking about sex stuff. She seems a little nervous before he slides in for the first time. You can literally see her trembling throughout. She does very well all things considered. Cam gives her about an hour of fucking for her first time, and gives her some genuine orgasms before covering her with her very first facial. Madison lost her virginity for us here on camera today. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a job or any money for her. However, we did give her the best ‘how I lost my virginity’ story ever!

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