18 Year Old Angel’s 1st Time…

I like to mind my business. That’s how I stay outta drama and trouble. Its worked out well so far in life. But sometimes…sometimes you just see sumthin…and you’re like…WTF. I GOT to be nosy. Today for example. I’m headin out finna go to the store. Walk out my spot. And the 1st thing I see? A fuckin snowbunny wearing fishnets and a see thru beach dress wit a bikini underneath. Just chillin in the middle of the hallway. Now the 1st thing Im thinking is “Damn lil shawty kinda cute!” Second thing I think is “Half naked pretty young bunny in the hallway? This look like a setup.” Now like I said normally I woulda just walked on by. But today…somethin in her eyes…it started makin me a lil curious. So I start talkin to baby girl. Tryin to see where her head at And it turns out she was supposed to go the beach. Explains the outfit! But she lost her phone and can’t find her friends. Explains the chillin in the hallway. So it’s not a setup. Which means…I can set something up. Now me bein a gentleman, I ain’t gonna let a pretty girl just sit in the hallway. That’d just be mean. I think I know a spot that’d be a lil more comfortable. My spot. So I invite her in and she’s like “Oh, thank you so much!” But in my head I’m thinkin…”how ARE you gonna thank me lil girl?” I think of a answer to that question real quick. Cuz Angel (that’s her name, which is fitting) starts gettin more comfortable and takes off her beach dress, revealing her bikini underneath. BRO. This lil bitch got some FUCKIN DOUBLE D’s. BIG JUICY MILKY WHITE TITTIES! I wanna touch em so bad, but in my head I’m thinkin, this too good to be true. So I ask her how old she is. She said she’s 18. 18 YEARS OLD. And she tell me her birthday. She was born in 2002. I’m like nah, I gotta see the ID. I look at it. Baby girl turned 18 A FEW MONTHS AGO. And get this. She never been with a black guy either. At that point I pinched myself. Cuz I had to be dreaming. No way is there a 18 year old half naked snowbunny wit Double D’s sitting here ready to fuck. Sometimes it pays to be nosy I guess.

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